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Hollanda Hukuku

The trade relationship between Turkey and the Netherlands is over 400 years old. The Netherlands are worldwide one of the biggest investors in Turkey. Over the last ten years the trade between these countries has tripled in size and there is a growing interest of Turkish entrepreneurs of doing business with The Netherlands. Prosperous international trade between these two countries requires good information about the Dutch legal system and a reliable partner. To help you to comply with those demands, we, MANZ Legal and Coney Tax Experts are here to provide the necessary information about all civil and tax law matters which might cross your path while doing business in The Netherlands.

Many companies start their business in the Netherlands because of the magnitude of possibilities. Whether for trade and investment or utilizing the country’s ideal location, infrastructure and investment climate to penetrate markets throughout Europe. The Netherlands has a stable and flexible labour market, is centrally located and has a well-educated and multilingual workforce. The Dutch legal system is very efficient and on an European average the courts work fast, efficient and at reasonable fees. The Netherlands also has the most extensive tax treaty network in the world. The tax facilities are diverse.

In short: the Netherlands is the ideal country to serve as a portal to the rest of the world.

Doing business abroad can be challenging. To meet that challenge, you have to make sure you have trustworthy and accomplished partners in the Netherlands. MANZ Legal and Coney Tax experts are lawyers and tax specialists and combined their expertise in order to provide the best possible civil, commercial and tax law services which enables foreign investors and enterprises to do business in the Netherlands.

For our Turkish clients we can offer our services in Turkish as well as Dutch, German and English. Our team, among others consists of Akin Alan, one of the founding partners of MANZ Legal, who is also the head of the Hollanda Hukuku Department, and several other well experienced Dutch tax and legal advisors. We can assist enterprises in setting up their businesses and drafting essential contracts, required for doing business in the Netherlands on a proper and safe way. Furthermore, in case of a dispute we can represent your company at the relevant Dutch courts or in the event of a fiscal dispute we can contact the tax authorities in order to resolve the dispute.